Nassau Collision BBB Business Review

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Nassau Collision Corporation,

127 Jericho Tpke, Floral Park NY 11001-2022

Driving from Nassau:

1. Take the Meadowbrook Pkwy N ramp to mineola 0.2mi
2. Merge onto Meadowbrook State Pkwy N go 7.2mi
3. Take exit M1 for Old Country Rd toward Westbury/Mineola 0.2mi
4. Turn Left at Old Country Rd 1.4mi
5. Turn right at Willis Ave 0.7mi
6. Turn Left at Jericho Tunrpike and go 3.7mi (about 5 mins)

Driving from Queens:

1. Take the  I-495 E
2. Take exit 31S for Cross Is Pkwy S 0.4 mi
3. Merge onto Cross Island Pkwy  2.2 mi
4. Take exit 27E for Jamaica Ave/Jericho Turnpike E toward NY-25 0.1 mi
5. Merge onto Jamaica Ave/Jericho Turnpike
6. Make a U-turn at N Tyson Ave4.
7. Arrive at the Nassau Collision Corp.

Driving from Brooklyn:

1. Take Belt Pkwy       
2. Take the exit onto Cross Island Pkwy  2.8 mi
3. Take exit 27 toward Jamaica Ave/Jericho Turnpike/NY-25  0.1 mi
4. Merge onto 244th St 305 ft
5. Turn right at Jamaica Ave/Jericho Turnpike 1.0 mi
6. Make a U-turn at N Tyson Ave

Nassau Collision Corp